Join me on a journey of wellness through our life coaching programme. The programme is committed to educating you on “The Three Principles” and deepening your understanding of innate health and wellbeing. Essence of Being is a transformational programme which allows you to discover who you really are. The understanding gained will enable you to embrace the challenges that life throws at you.

Love Life &

Life Will Love You Back"

Sonia Parnell



About Essence of Being

Sonia Parnell - Founder & Lead Presenter

Throughout the programme we will explore “The Three Principles”, Thought, Mind and Consciousness, founded by Mr. Sydney Banks.

Being conscious of how these three components work hand in hand will change your perception of life. The programme will deepen your understanding of The Three Principles, by examining each component one by one and discovering insights, that will reveal your true understanding, leaving you appreciating our human experience.


Knowing this has enabled myself and many others to let go of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, reconnecting us to our innate health and wellbeing. I want to share my experience with you and give you a gift that will open your eyes to new understanding. 

Learn how to let go off the past and become the director of your own life. Start to enjoy the richness and the wealth that you strive for. No more stress, anxiety, fear or depression, but just abundance of peace. The Essence of Being is a transformational programme which allows you to discover who you really are.

"You are the creator of your own reality'" - Sonia Parnell

Our 12 Week Programme

Dates to be confirmed


Week 1 - We will start of this session with short introductions and welcomes, you will then be given your handbooks which we will be working through alongside the ‘Missing Link’ book by Sydney Banks (book is provided). We will then complete an individual Circle of Life and questionnaire which will help us map your progress throughout the programme. We will also begin the introduction to “The Three Principles”.

Week 2-3 – Thoughts and Feelings? What are they exactly? This week is where we will explore our thoughts and feelings, where they come from and how they are formed. These processes will help you to reshape your own thoughts and feelings to begin thinking and feeling happier and freer. We will also be deepening our mind and connecting to the elements of the three principles.

Week 4-6 – During these weeks, we will be deepening our understanding of our Universal Mind and its intelligence and energy.

Week 7-8 - This part of the programme is designed specifically to reflect and listen to the world around you and the people within it. The exercises we will take part in will open your eyes and make things seem simple and less stressful.

Week 9 -10 - This is where we will look at Consciousness and how the three components work hand in hand to help our understanding of true existence.

Week 11-12 – In our last 2 weeks, we will reflect on the changes we have seen and felt. We will also be completing the second Circle of Life’s, Questionnaire, and your Personal Feedback on your experience of the Programme.

How to take part?

The total cost of our programme is £180, but to make things easier, we have a solution for you to make paying the total price that little bit easier.

Method 1:

Pay the total £180 today

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Method 2:

Pay in 3 interest free instalments of £60 every month

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Nikita Garrick  - 14th December 2017

“The simplicity of the programme has helped my understanding of the principles. Sonia has done a fabulous job and I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such a wonderful gift.”

Claudette Dawson - 14th December 2017

“Outstanding life changing programme.”

Leah Foster - 14th December 2017

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course! I love the group and we have strong connections. I have seen that my personal growth and my ways of thinking has changed.”



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